Hi everyone, I'm Kiana and i welcome you to join me on my journey through my life as a model and fitness motivator XO

Its been about six months since my last update and i would like to apologize for not being able to update you guys on my career, life and health and fitness. I currently have a plan, which is to try my best to update my blog and story as much as possible, but i will for sure be posting once a month on any specific request regarding modeling tips, fitness tips and my life as it unfolds. heres an update on my life and story, thank you guys again for all of your support. I grew up just outside Columbus, Ohio and when I was very young I was put on Aderall, something my Mom thought I needed at the time, and I was never very hungry because of it, so I was very thin. When I was 12 I finally got off of that medication, but was confronted by comments from family and schoolmates, taunting me for my low weight, my thick eyebrows, big hair, and my skin color (to some I wasn't white enough, to others I wasn't black enough) and after a while I started believing that something was wrong with me. 

By the time I was 18 I was 200lbs. I allowed what others said about me to cloud my vision of myself, and in my depression and self-doubt I'd tried tanning, over-tweezing my brows, and had turned to food for comfort. Anything to make the taunting stop or to dull the pain I was feeling. 

But none of that made me happier. The crap I was feeding my body only made me feel worse. I was so tired of feeling drained and unhealthy and I wasn't happy with myself. Not just because of the weight I was carrying physically, but the emotional burden I was carrying really changed the way I saw myself, and how I treated others. I no longer felt like who I KNEW I was inside. I'd let the harsh words and judgements of others determine how I saw myself. One morning, I just felt an overwhelming determination to never spend another day living a life that was less than my full potential. I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself, or I would have spent the rest of my life letting that sadness, and the words of others control my life.

I started doing some research on my own as to what a healthy lifestyle looked like and I started making small changes. I tried joining a crossfit gym, which didn't end up being my cup of coffee, and ended up at Focused Training Center and meeting a woman who would be a huge influence in my health journey, Denise Herrera (the owner of Focused Training). The best way I can describe Denise, was as my mother hen, she was happy to allow me to incorporate my own nutrition plans, and allowed me to grow and learn, but gave me constant support and guidance in tweaking things to really work well for me. She was that text every morning, reminding me that what I was working towards was worthwhile, and important, but more importantly, that I was worthwhile and important. Having her positive voice in my life at a time when there wasn't much positivity from anyone, was life changing, it was a guiding voice for me on days when I couldn't trust my own.

As I started getting healthier, and losing weight, I really started seeing myself in a different light. I started to see the features everyone had teased me for growing up as unique and beautiful parts of myself that I wanted to share with the world. I loved my skin color, my big hair, and my bushy brows, and I really felt that by pursing a modeling career, I could provide hope and inspiration for little girls going through what I went through when I was young. I wanted  them to see the unique features they're bullied for as incredibly beautiful parts of themselves. I wanted them to see someone who looks like them in ads and campaigns and on websites. Of course, a lot of people were quick to tell me there's no way I could pull that off, but by this point, I'd stopped caring about what anyone else had to say about anything I wanted to do and pursue. I'd already started to see myself work so hard towards my goals of becoming healthy that I was completely confident that there wasn't much of anything that was out of my reach anymore. I was finally starting to feel like the person that I knew I was. Strong, determined, capable, hard-working, kind, and compassionate about helping others. 

In May 2015 I was scouted by David Sigal with the help of Bobby Porto, and SIGAL Models became my mother agent. Later that year, Chris Rucker and Maria Ward from Ford Models welcomed me to the FORD Chicago family, and I packed up all my stuff, and moved from Columbus to Chicago, ready to finally pursue the life I knew I was capable of having.

During my health journey, and I say HEALTH, not weight-lost for a reason, I was able to lose 76 pounds in two years, and am now maintaing a very healthy weight for my body size at 124lbs. I've never felt happier in my life, or healthier, and I feel so much more capable of things that I wouldn't have dreamt of doing when I was treating my body like crap. Even though I've reached my goals, eating right and taking care of my body is still such a massive part of who I am. As I started sharing my journey on Instagram, I had so many people with similar stories and struggles as mine, reaching out to me for help and advice as they found my story inspirational to them. I set out to model as way to inspire other girls and women with unique features to see themselves as beautiful and powerful, but I realized that just by taking steps to pursue my dreams and putting that out for the world to see, I had unconsciously inspired others to want to takes steps towards their dreams as well. It broke my heart to not be able to answer every single DM I was getting,  I so badly wanted to tell each person how wonderful and capable they were of following similar path to mine, That's why I felt I had to start this blog, so that I could share not only my health journey and struggles, but my story towards becoming a model as it unfolds. In doing so I can show you who I am and what I've been through, but what I've still been able to accomplish and believe of myself despite all that. I hope that it can be a guiding light for what is possible in your life, because I swear to you, anything is possible. While i was gone the past six months i was able to achieve getting signed in Los Angeles California in May and London United Kingdom in September with Wilhelmina Models, words can not even begin to describe how proud i am of myself. I've been flying back and forth to LA working and we are hoping to get me to London December 2016 as well as spring 2017. I am so excited for this next chapter in my life, 2017 is going to be a great year for me and i am going to make sure of it, as for my fitness life, i am now sponsored by BPI as an athlete and am currently bulking and will be competing in my first ever bikini competition spring 2017. As most of you know i am very active on Instagram and that is where you can catch my daily/weekly updates. I hope you all forgive me for my busy life and unable to update you on here, but i am so happy to be back! do not forget to comment on my photos or send me a direct message on Instagram for special requests on what you think i should post about on my blog/social media pages.

I love you all! xoxo Ki

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